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In 1908 Henrietta Leavitt discovered a way to measure the universe. In 2016 we in the Calvary Theatre department recreate that universe using plywood, paint, and light.

This past Saturday marked load-In for Calvary Theatre’s Fall production, Silent Sky! We moved pre-built pieces of set from the Greenroom hallway to the chapel, and assembled them into a cohesive whole. The entire Theatre department (plus a few non-majors who kindly volunteered their Saturdays to help us) pitched in to do a variety of tasks, and by the day’s end we had:

A stage,stage





several new props,






























a very happy director,




and at least one terrible pun about “measuring the universe.”



Here’s the finished product (with bonus actors)!


Why is the set important?

Just as every story we tell in Calvary Theatre represents a small part of God’s ultimate story, every set we design and build is a distilled version of His universe; a carefully crafted world created to enhance and clarify the themes of the play. Every aspect of the Silent Sky set was chosen deliberately, and the whole thing has something to say to those who take the time to study it.

Intrigued yet? Silent Sky opens in less than one week! Get your tickets at or email [email protected]