Student Jobs

Calvary University is pleased to offer our students opportunities to work on- or off-campus. A limited number of on-campus jobs is available. It is helpful to us to have students fill these jobs, but Calvary isn’t the only one that gains from this arrangement.

Advantages to our students include the convenience of working on-campus, which saves time and expense in travel, and our willingness to work around your class schedules. Besides the convenience of working on-campus, Calvary employees consistently comment that working in a Christian atmosphere is a great blessing.

Most student employment positions are limited to a maximum of 20 hours per week, with most offering from 5 – 10 hours per week. Students who work for the university will have the option of applying all or part of their earnings directly toward their bill. This arrangement is an advantage to both you and the university because your account gets paid as quickly as possible and important work for the institution is accomplished.

Students applying for a job must first fill out a Student Employment Application and then either mail, email/fax, or personally deliver a copy to the Human Resources Office (contact info is on the application). You may follow up with an email or a telephone call directly to the department(s) in which you have interest.

Whether you work on- or off-campus, federal regulations require your employer to have you complete payroll paperwork. Identification verification is required for this paperwork and your ID document(s) must be presented within 3 days of starting work or employment will be terminated or placed on hold until they can be presented. The most common forms of ID are (but not limited to): 

  1. Unexpired Passport OR 
  2. Valid driver’s license and social security card OR
  3. Valid driver’s license and birth certificate
  4. You must bring the original documents; photocopies are not acceptable.


Student Work Program

Another option for employment is the Study Work Program, an off-campus opportunity designed to connect Calvary students with quality employers, jobs related to degree programs, and even scholarship opportunities. Click the Study Work Program logo below for more information.


Student Employment Application

Helpful Tips For Finding A Job

List of Businesses Near CU