Haekyung An, M.Mus, M.Mus, D.M.A. – Associate Professor of Music – B.Mus. (Vocal Performance), New England Conservatory of Music, 1994; M.Mus. (Vocal Performance), New England Conservatory of Music, 2001; M.Mus. (Opera and Musical Theater), Southern Illinois University, 2004; D.M.A. (Vocal Performance), University of Missouri, Kansas City, 2011

Norman Baker, M.Div, Th.M. – Adjunct Faculty – B.A., (Bible Exposition), Calvary Bible College, 1986; M.Div., (Pastoral Ministry, Pastoral Counseling), Trinity Theological Seminary, 1989; Th.M., (Bible Exposition), Dallas Theological Seminary, 1998

Chris Basel, M.S. – Adjunct Faculty – B.A. (Chemistry), William Jewell College, 1979; M.S. (Analytical Chemistry), University of Kansas, 1982

Thomas Baurain, D.Min – Dean of the Seminary, Professor of Bible and Theology – B.A. (Chemistry), Lawrence College, 1963; Th.M. (Bible Exposition), Dallas Theological Seminary, 1980; D.Min. (Adult Education), Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, 1989; Ph.D. (Higher Education), Loyola University of Chicago, ABD.

Teddy Bitner, M.A., M.M.A.S., D.Min. – Chief Academic Officer, VP Academics, Professor of History – B.S. (Business Administration), University of Central Missouri, 1972; M.A. (Christian Ministry), Wheaton College, 1982; M.M.A.S. (Military History), U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, 1983; D.Min. (Pastoral Theology), Trinity Theological Seminary, 1982; Diploma (National Strategic Studies), U.S. Army War College, 1995, Ed. D. (Higher Education Leadership), Aspen Univeristy, In Progress.

Tom Bonine, Ph.D.  – Professor of Education – B.A. (Pastoral Studies), Calvary Bible College, 1967; M.A. (Education Administration), University of Missouri, Kansas City, 1974; Ph.D. (Education Administration), University of Missouri, Kansas City, 1990

Joaquim Braga, M.A., M.Div, Ph.D. – Adjunct Faculty-Biblical Counseling; B.S. (Biblical Counseling and Pastoral Studies), Calvary Bible College, 2001; M.Div. (Pastoral Studies), Calvary Theological Seminary, 2005; M.A. (Biblical Counseling), Dallas Theological Seminary, 2007; Ph.D. Family Therapy, Texas Woman’s University, 2017.

Barb Bridges, M.S.  – Adjunct Faculty – B.A., University of Kansas, 1975; M.S. (Biblical Counseling), Calvary Theological Seminary, 2000.

Un Chong Christopher, M.Mus. – Associate Professor of Music, Head of Piano – B.Mus. (Piano Performance), University of Missouri, Kansas City, Conservatory of Music, 1982; M.Mus. (Voice Performance), University of Missouri, Kansas City, Conservatory of Music, 1989

James L. Clark, Ph.D. – Distinguished Guest Lecturer; President Emeritus; B.S. (Music/Christian Education) 1967; M. Div., Trinity College & Seminary, 1989; Ph. D. Trinity College & Seminary, 1992.

Christopher Cone, Th.D., Ph.D., Ph.D. – President, Research Professor of Bible and Theology – Undergraduate Studies, Moody Bible Institute, 1992-1994; B.B.S. (Biblical Studies), Tyndale Biblical Institute, 1996; M.B.S. (Biblical Studies), Scofield Graduate School, 1997; Th.D. (Biblical Studies), Scofield Graduate School, 2005; M.Ed. (Leadership and Administration), Regent University, 2005; Ph.D. (Theology), Trinity School of Theology, Kerala India, 2008; Ph.D. (Philosophy), University of North Texas, 2011. Website: drcone.com.

Cheryl Costabile, M.A., RPT – Adjunct Faculty – B.S. (Biblical Counseling), Calvary Bible College, 2008; M.A. (Mental Health Counseling), MidAmerica Nazarene University, 2011; RPT, (Registered Play Therapist), MidAmerica Nazarene University, 2012;  Certified Member of Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC).

Thomas Crank, M.A. – Director of the Clark Academic Center; Instructor-English; Institutional Research Coordinator – B.A. (Communication Arts), College of the Ozarks, 2009; M.A. (Writing) Missouri State University, 2011.

Mike Dodds, Th.M., D.Min.  – Dean of the College, Professor of Ministry Studies – B.A. (English/Secondary Education), Asbury College, 1971; Th.M. (Systematic Theology), Dallas Theological Seminary, 1982; D.Min. (Pastoral Ministry), Dallas Theological Seminary, 1997.

Bill Gibbs, M.S.  – Adjunct Faculty – B.A., University of Missouri, Kansas City, 1990; M.S. (Biblical Counseling), Calvary Theological Seminary, 1997.

Gary Gromacki, B.A., Th.M, D. Min, Ph.D. – Professor of Bible & Theology – B.A. (Pre-Seminary Bible & Greek), Cedarville University, 1980; Th.M. (1984) & D.Min. (1997) (Bible  Exposition), Dallas Theological Seminary; Ph.D. (Biblical Studies) Baptist Bible Seminary (2006).

Aaron Heath, M.Div. – Adjunct Faculty, Manager of Information Technologies – B.A. (Pastoral Studies), Calvary Bible College, 1998; M.Div. (Pastoral Studies), Calvary Theological Seminary, 2004.

Rose Henness,  M.A., M.A.C.E., M.S. – Assistant Professor of Education,  –  B.S. (Education [Family and Consumer Science]), Western Illinois University, 1978; M.A. (Gerontology), Western Illinois University, 1993; M.A.C.E. (Christian Education), Dallas Theological Seminary, 2009; M.S. (Biblical Counseling), Calvary Theological Seminary, 2010, D.Ed.Min (Educational Ministry), Dallas Theological Seminary, In Progress.

Victor (Skip) Hessel, M.B.A., D.M. – Chief Development Officer /Program Director for Organizational Development; Associate Professor of Organizational Development – B.S. (Bible & Human Resource Management), Calvary Bible College, 1996; M.B.A. (Human Resource Management, Marketing Research, & Organizational Behavior), University of Missouri-Kansas City, 2001; D.M. (Organizational Leadership), University of Phoenix, 2014.

Bobbie Jeffrey, M.A. – Department Chair of Theatre Arts; Associate Professor of Theatre Arts – B.S. (Theatre and Psychology), University of Wisconsin, Steven’s Point, 1977; M.A. (Theatre), University of Missouri, Kansas City, 2009.

Jeffrey Justus, M.S., M.A. – Adjunct Faculty – B.B.A. (Business), University of Texas at Arlington, 1992; M.S. (Bible & Theology), Calvary Theological Seminary, 2013; M.A. (Organizational Development) 2015, Calvary Theological Seminary.

Kaleb Krahn, B.S., M.F.A. – Instructor, Theatre Department – B.S., (Biblical Counseling), Calvary Bible College, 2009; M.F.A., University of Missouri-Kansas City, 2016.

Keith Miller, Th.M., D.Min.  – Department Chair, Bible and Theology; Professor of Bible and Theology–B.A. (Pastoral Studies), Calvary Bible College, 1969; Th.M. (Christian Education), Dallas Theological Seminary, 1973; D.Min., Dallas Theological Seminary, 1990.

Pat Miller, B.A., M.S., AABC Certified – Biblical Counseling Chair – Diploma, Moody Bible Institute, 1969; B.A. Western Illinois University, 1993; M.S. (Biblical Counseling), Calvary Theological Seminary, 2000; Certified Member of American Academy of Biblical Counselors (AABC).

Neil Nelson, Ph.D. – Professor of New Testament – B.S. University of Wisconsin–Madison, 1977; M.Div. North American Baptist Seminary, 1981; S.T.M. Dallas Theological Seminary, 1990; Ph.D. Dallas Theological Seminary, 2000.

Joshua Paxton, M.Div.  – Assistant Professor, Missions Coordinator– B.S. (Biblical Counseling), Calvary Bible College, 2004; M.Div., Calvary Theological Seminary, 2009.

Arely Perez  – Assistant Director of Student Services, Dean of Women, Teaching Assistant – B.S. (Biblical Counseling), Calvary Bible College 2012, M.A. (Biblical Counseling), Master’s University, In Progress.

Jeanette Regier, M.S.  – Athletic Director, Assistant Professor of Physical Education – B.S.E. (Physical Education), Emporia State University, 1992; M.S. (Health and Physical Education), Emporia State University, 2002.

Maria Russo, M.S.Ed. – Instructor of Education, Disability Services Coordinator – B.S.Ed. (Elementary Education), Central Missouri State University, 1985; M.S.Ed. (Elementary Education), University of Kansas, 2001.

Jeremy Schell, M.A. – Adjunct Faculty, Chorale Director – B.A. (Piano Performance), University of Missouri, Conservatory of Music & Dance, Kansas City, 2001; M.A. (Choral Conducting), University of Missouri, Conservatory of Music & Dance, Kansas City, 2012

Tressa Shoemaker, M.S. – Instructor, Women’s Basketball Coach –  B.S. (Biblical Counseling), Calvary University, 2005; M.S. (Physical Education, Health, & Recreation), Emporia State University, 2016.

Luther Smith, Psy. D.  – Assistant Professor-Biblical Counseling – B.A. (Psychology), Ashford University, 2007; M.A. (Religious Studies), M.A. (Marriage & Family Therapy), 2012; Psy. D. Psychology, Southern California Seminary.

Tiffany Smith, M.L.I.S.– Librarian, General Studies Department Chair, Instructor – B.A. (English and Spanish), Rockhurst University, 2011; M.L.I.S. (Reference Services), Wayne State University, 2014.

Tom Stolberg, M.Mus., D.M.A. – Department Chair of Music; Professor of Music – B.M.Ed. (Music Education), Illinois State University, 1981; M.Mus. (Vocal Performance and Choral Conducting), New Mexico State University, 1984; D.M.A. (Vocal Performance), University of Missouri, Kansas City, Conservatory of Music, 2005.

Eric Stricker, Ed.D – Dean of the Graduate School, Program Director for Education at the College & Graduate School; Professor of Education –B.S.E., (Secondary English Education), John Brown University, 1973; M.A.B.S., Biblical Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary, 1978; Zertifikat (German), Goethe Institut, 1981;  M.Ed., Educational Administration, University of Arkansas, 1992; Ed.S., Educational Administration, University of Arkansas, 1994; Ed.D., Educational Leadership and Administration, University of Arkansas, 1996.

Terri Stricker, Ph.D. – Professor of English – B.S.E. (Education), University of Arkansas, 1988; M.A. (German), University of Arkansas, 1995; Ph.D. (Comparative Literature), University of Arkansas, 2000.

Cory Trowbridge, M.B.A. – Vice President of Student Services, Dean of Men, Associate Professor of General Studies – B.A. (Biblical Studies) Frontier School of the Bible, 2005; B.S. (Organizational Leadership), Calvary Bible College, 2008; M.B.A. (Business Administration), MidAmerica Nazarene University, 2010.

Germaine Washington, M.B.A., D.M. – Department Chair-Business Department; Assistant Professor-Business – A.S. (Criminal Justice) Missouri Western State University, 1996; B.S. (Criminal Justice) Missouri Western State University,1996; M.B.A. University of Phoenix, 2009; D.M. (Organizational Leadership) University of Phoenix, 2014.

Joel Williamson, Th.M., Ph.D (ABD) – Adjunct Faculty – B.A. (History), University of Texas at El Paso, 1970; Officer Basic Course, U. S. Army Adjutant General School, 1970; Th.M. (Old Testament) Dallas Theological Seminary, 1977; Ph.D. (Old Testament) Baptist Bible Seminary, In Progress.