Financial Aid

Financial Aid

The Student Finance Office is comprised of two major components – the campus Cashier’s Office and Financial Aid Office.

Calvary is dedicated to helping you understand your college financial needs and helping you obtain the financial assistance you need to achieve your educational goals. If you have any questions, contact us.

The primary function of the Financial Aid Office is to provide education in financial literacy and responsibility, information, and support for students to adequately prepare a means to pay for their schooling. To aid students financially, the Financial Aid office utilizes many sources including, but not limited to:

Students who receive or use any of the above mentioned aid should read and understand Calvary's Satisfactory Academic Progress policy (SAP). Those students who fail to meet the required standards at the end of each spring semester, will lose their eligibility to receive all forms of financial aid.

I want to know about:

Apply for Financial Aid:

Create an FSA User ID (Video on how to create an FSA ID)

Complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Student Aid)(Need more information?)

Complete Entrance Counseling (for first time borrowers).

Complete the Master Promissory Note (for Federal Student Loans).

Complete any requested verification documents.