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Calvary offers veterans undergraduate and graduate degrees with a biblical foundation. Every course taught at Calvary, from Bible to Business, is firmly grounded upon the Scriptures.

Many branches of the military are represented on our campus both in the classroom and in faculty and staff positions. Seminary students have the opportunity to earn a Masters of Divinity degree and enter the military as a Chaplain. Contact Admissions for more information. Calvary accepts military benefits intended to pay for tuition. Information may be obtained by contacting the Financial Aid Department.

A Calvary degree is a natural fit for individuals motivated by a desire to serve the church and the world from a biblical perspective. Class sizes are small and open sharing is encouraged. Students are intellectually challenged to achieve their highest potential in their career path.

Calvary also participates in ROTC and accepts college credits earned while serving in the military. Evaluation of military transfer credits are offered at no charge by contacting the appropriate department.

Students entering the traditional college or seminary may contact the Registrar's Office for more info. Students entering the adult degree -- completion evening program -- may contact the Director of Non-Traditional Studies.

To determine if you are eligible for college credit, advanced placement, or other recognition for your military training as a soldier, reservist, or Army National Guard member, contact the AARTS transcript online or by calling toll-free (866) 297-4427 to order the Army/ACE Registry Transcripting System. Sailors, Marines, and veterans should order the ACE Registry Transcript online or by calling toll-free (877) 253-7122.


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