Worship Arts

Comprehensive Approach
This program addresses the needs of the 21st century church by offering the appropriate classes and experiences that will prepare the individual for a vocational worship arts or music ministry.  Our focus on understanding the various expressions of worship reinforces the flexibility and empathy that we train into our students so that they can serve within this growing diversity of worship expression. 

Ministry Focus
The typical 21st century church has need of highly trained individuals who can manage a worship arts ministry while utilizing extensive human and technological resources for the worship of God, training of volunteers, and dissemination of the Gospel. Such leaders are expected to understand and manage an audio/visual staff, be sympathetic to varying forms of artistic expression (music, drama, art, and movement), be able to produce dynamic church services, be well versed in the ever-changing tastes of popular music, understand the needs of older church members, and be familiar with a rapidly shifting landscape of technology. 

Professional Foundation
As a master’s degree, the program includes advanced theology and related ministry courses matched by the Department Chair to the unique professional course structure for Worship Arts. Within the professional area, students will be exposed to advanced information and skills necessary to organize and lead music, manage technical systems and requirements, and be able to integrate worship services at large churches.  In addition, our highly qualified faculty has established a high standard of musical excellence for students so that they may pursue a number of different paths after graduating including doctoral work and teaching at institutions of higher learning.

The student will develop the necessary skills to manage a successful worship arts ministry for the local church.

  • The student will acquire competency in musicianship, leadership, conducting, service production, music technology, and performing.
  • The student will evaluate multiple worship arts resources and apply the best choices as dictated by individual circumstances.
  • The student will develop a personal philosophy of music that is biblical and God-centered.
  • The student will apply a diverse set of skills to create an engaging and purposeful worship service.

Course of Study>

Course of study may be adjusted during a student's time at Calvary. Students should consult with their advisor and/or the Registrar before finalizing a schedule each semester.

To learn more about the MS in Worship Arts contact our Admissions Department.