Organizational Development

The M.S. in Organizational Development is designed for both pastors and professionals who seek the desire to develop administrative and management skills necessary for effective leadership. While pastors may receive adequate theological training, they are often unprepared for the responsibilities of managing the small organization known as the church. Those involved in independent business also find themselves responsible for managing calendars, committees, volunteers, and budgets. This program will enable leaders to improve their organization through thinking like a consultant.

The Organizational Degree program offers flexible course schedules in order to accommodate busy professionals. Classes are available in evening or modular formats, allowing students to balance life, work, ministry, and education.


This graduate course of study prepares the student to collaborate with organizational leaders to strategize a system-wide application of knowledge to the planned development and reinforcement of organizational strategies, structures, and processes for improving an organization's effectiveness according to a biblical worldview. Viewing the organization as a complex system of systems each having distinctive attributes and degrees of alignment, Organizational Development intervenes in these systems with inclusive methodologies and approaches to strategic planning, organization design, leadership development, change management, performance management, coaching, diversity, and work/life balance.

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Courses of study may be adjusted during a student's time at Calvary. Students should consult with their advisor and/or the Registrar before finalizing a schedule each semester.