Teaching professionally requires the practical knowledge of a subject and the ability to communicate that subject in ways that students can understand. The constant changes in education and the development of new teaching methods and technologies require professionals who are dedicated to take an active interest in their own personal learning, intellectual growth, and professional development.

The Master of Science in Education degree (MSEd) is a graduate degree that offers various areas of concentration for those who desire to advance further in the field of education. Classroom teachers will find this degree especially attractive. In addition, the MSEd degree is an academic degree that encourages an educator's development and intellectual enrichment. Moreover, the MSEd degree is a specialized degree that facilitates licensure renewal, faculty promotion, and salary increases. Finally, the MSEd degree is a professional degree that prepares an educator for doctoral studies.

Areas of Concentration

Calvary Theological Seminary offers the MSEd degree with concentrations in Christian Education, Curriculum and Instruction, Elementary Education, and Administration and School Leadership. In the future, other specialties may be added, including Adult Education, English as a Second Language, Higher Education, Educational Technology, Reading and Literacy, and/or Special Education.

Program Objectives

For each candidate, the MSEd program objectives include the following:

  1. To enhance the student’s professional ability, knowledge base, and skill level for effective school leadership and professional development.
  2. To foster an attitude of continuous improvement and to enrich the quality of classroom instruction.
  3. To promote the integration and application of the best educational practices, instructional theories, and research methods.
  4. To develop the professional skills necessary for making informed decisions and taking appropriate actions based on study, examination, reflective analysis, and the utilization of pertinent data.

Guidelines for Admission to the Program

All students seeking admission to the M.S.Ed. program must be admitted to Calvary Theological Seminary, according to the following requirements: 

  1. Request official admission status to the seminary and to the M.S.Ed. program (see current catalog for more information). Complete and file the appropriate application for admission to the graduate program. 
  2. Submit all official transcript(s) and any relevant test scores. 
  3. Other special admissions requirements may include the following: 

    a. Demonstrate a minimum overall GPA of 2.5 for the last sixty (60) credit hours of academic work completed. 

    b. Possess a minimum overall GPA of 2.5 with no grade below a C or below passing on a state approved and administered content area exam.

Course of Study (Educational Administration and Leadership) 

Course of Study (Curriculum and Instruction)

Course of Study (Elementary Education)

Course of Study (Christian Education)

 The Christian Education track is designed for those who desire to serve in intermediate and advanced educational ministries, churches, missions, private Christian schools, and other areas of Christian leadership which do not require public school certification or licensure. This concentration focuses on a variety of graduate-level education and Bible courses taught by seminary faculty. 


Courses of study may be adjusted during a student's time at Calvary. Students should consult with their advisor and/or the Registrar before finalizing a schedule each semester.