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Managerial Economics (In class May 29-31)


The student will examines the application of microeconomics theory as applied to the manager's responsibilities within the organization. This course should emphasize the quantitative and qualitative applications of economic principle to business analysis. This course is designed for students seeking to integrate various principles and concepts from different fields of economics with typical problems of managerial decision-making and policy formulation in business organizations whether in a local or global context.


Dept ID: OD
Course ID: 634
Course Type: M
Instructors Names: Hessel, Skip
Credit Hours: 3

Dates & Times

Dates: 05/01/2014 to 06/30/2014

Meeting Days:

01:00:00 PM - 09:00:00 PM

08:00:00 AM - 09:00:00 PM

08:00:00 AM - 03:30:00 PM


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