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The Principalship (In class June 9-13)


This course facilitates the identification, development, and confirmation of an administrator's natural leadership style and presents insights for aspiring and seasoned principals. The course focuses on best practices of effective leaders and covers the relevant topics that relate to the principalship, including the management of change; dealing with conflict and crisis; developing and encouraging teacher leadership; sustaining links with central office personnel, teachers, parents, students, and community relationships. The course addresses the nature of establishing and building cooperation, working with the media, managing resources, and balancing the principal's professional and personal life. Through thoughtful peer and self-assessment, continuous refinement of leadership philosophy, and exposure to successful leaders and leadership, students gain a compelling vision of the possibilities that can be achieved through the principalship.


Dept ID: ED
Course ID: 661
Course Type: M
Instructors Names: Stricker, Eric
Credit Hours: 3

Dates & Times

Dates: 05/09/2014 to 08/15/2014

Meeting Days:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
08:00:00 AM - 05:00:00 PM


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