Biblical Studies

This program is designed for the person having a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college who desires to pursue graduate work in biblical studies. The program will be beneficial for those involved in ministry, either vocational or otherwise, who have not had undergraduate training in Bible. Anyone involved in ministry will find this focus very helpful in providing a biblical framework for their ministry. College graduates who need to earn credit hours in Bible and theology to qualify for acceptance by a mission board are also served well by this degree program.

The purpose of the Biblical Studies curriculum is to train the student in the sound linguistic, hermeneutical, and theological skills necessary for accurate interpretation and application of the Scriptures in preparation for effective ministry.


  • That the student uses a consistent, dispensational approach when interpreting the Scriptures and applying them to his own life and the lives of others.
  • That the student possesses a store of biblical and theological facts as a foundation for personal development, teaching, and further study.
  • That the student acquires the tools necessary for personal Bible study and has practiced the skill of doing English exegesis and exposition.

Course of Study »
Course of study may be adjusted during a student's time at Calvary. Students should consult with their advisor and/or the Registrar before finalizing a schedule each semester.