About Seminary

Calvary Theological Seminary began as a graduate division of Calvary Bible College. It was established in 1966 to offer a program of study for graduates of accredited Bible colleges. In 1992 it became a separate school, and its name was changed to Calvary Theological Seminary. Programs of study include Pastoral Studies, Organizational Development, Biblical Counseling, Biblical Studies, Bible and Theology, Education, and Religious Studies.

The curriculum is built on 3-semester-hour courses. It is offered in both a “semester format” for resident students and a “modular format” for non-resident students, with the exception of biblical languages. Students can complete the Master’s of Science degrees in 1-3 years; the Master’s of Arts degree in 2-3 years; and the Master’s of Divinity in 3-4 years. Graduates of Bible colleges, depending on their course of study, may qualify for advanced standing in some of these programs – maximum of one-sixth of the program.

The Seminary provides graduate instruction in Bible/Theology and professional studies for qualified students, preparing them for a professional Christian ministry within and through the church and church-related ministries.