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While reminiscing, have you ever thought, “That experience meant a lot to me”? Recently, I moved my office.  During the packing and unpacking, I realized that many of my “treasures” lost their value. A portion of the relocation task included discarding items that no longer had value. Among the collection, however, was a picture my 22-year old daughter created for me when she was little. The image of that lighthouse had little intrinsic value; nevertheless, I could not discard the worn and slightly tattered image because I recall how that artwork was a part of my daughter’s transformation through life. [As a parent, I also changed.] Last spring, my daughter received her baccalaureate degree from Calvary. I realized how much that well-used picture meant a lot to me because I thought of her. Memories of my family mean a lot to me.IMG_0192


Thursday, September 29 at 6:30 p.m., Dr. Christopher Cone will host Calvary University’s first President’s Dinner. Long-time friends of Calvary know this is an annual event. I added the drama of “first” because the recent, July 1, 2016, name change has brought about many “firsts”. Calvary remains the same, a solid, Biblical institution of higher learning; but, like my daughter’s picture, I attach a great deal of emotional value to this event. I began attending the President’s Dinner as a student and have attended my fair share through the years.

The theme is “What Calvary Means to Me.” As an alumnus, my Calvary family means a great deal to me. I continue to keep my college Bible (the one with all the notes I made during various Bible classes) in a special place. That Bible reminds me of the devotion and care my instructors used in my own training. My experience at Calvary changed my life, so, obviously, Calvary means a lot to me. Calvary is a place where my Savior shed His blood for my sins; and, Calvary was a place where I received substantial Bible training. Many readers possess a special story relating to Calvary. Calvary University students continue to realize their own special experience. Please mark your calendar for the evening of September 29. Join us in listening to contemporary stories unfold, and you can reminisce about what Calvary University means to you.

Dr. Skip Hessel, Chief Development Officer, Calvary University

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