Knowing God

What is the "Plan of Salvation" Anyway?

Everyone at some point in time has asked, "How do I get to heaven?" or "How can I be saved from hell?" To solve this problem, man has tried to develop his own "plan of salvation."

Man's "Plan of Salvation"

Mary thought she was saved. She gave seasonal gifts to the Salvation Army and attended church every Easter and Christmas.
Troy thought he was saved. He figured his good works would surely outweigh his bad deeds. After all, he hadn't murdered anyone.
Roy thought he was saved. He said his prayers at the appropriate times and fasted according to schedule, just like his religious leaders told him.
But none of these individuals were saved, because they were using man's "plan of salvation." How will they be saved, then? Relax. God has provided His own "plan of salvation."

God's "Plan of Salvation"

God wants everyone to know how to be saved. That's why He wrote it down in His book, The Bible.
Simply put, God's "plan for salvation" is belief in Jesus Christ. What this involves:

  • Recognize we are sinners
  • Realize our sins set us apart from God
  • Believe Jesus died and rose again to save us from our sins
  • Trust by faith in His finished work to save us


If you have questions about or have decided to follow God's "plan for salvation," we would love to hear about it! Please use the Contact Us form to communicate this to us.

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