It is time once again for the Calvary Alumni Phone-a-thon where we try to accomplish the following three goals:

  1. Confirmation:  We want to confirm your information for our records, so that we can stay in touch.  Please let us know about any changes or updates.
  2. Connection:  We desire to connect with you to see what God is doing in your life and how we can encourage you.  Feel free to include a note with prayer requests, and we will pray for you!
  3. Contribution:  We hope to meet the stated financial goal through generous contributions.  Your gift can be spread out over several months if that is best for your budget.


This year’s financial goal is $21,000.  $20,000 will be for scholarships which will enable students to attend Calvary or help them stay here and finish their education.  $1,000 will go toward the Alumni Induction Luncheon to be held this spring.  As we welcome new graduates into the alumni family at this luncheon, your support will allow us to pay for their meals.

          May God bless you as your gift will bless us!


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