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The Calvary Alumni Phone-a-thon takes place every year during the month of February.  During this time we try to accomplish the following three goals:

  1. Confirmation:  We want to confirm your information for our records so that we can stay in touch.  Please let us know about any changes or updates.
  2. Connection:  We desire to connect with you to see what God is doing in your life and how we can encourage you.  Feel free to include a note with prayer requests, and we will pray for you!
  3. Contribution:  We hope to meet the stated financial goal through generous contributions.  Your gift can be spread out over several months if that is best for your budget.

If you missed the news in September 2016 or have forgotten the details, let’s recap!  On September 8, 2016, Calvary acquired the building (pictured to the left) which was formerly Turner’s German-American Hall.  (It was a bowling alley before that.)  It is just south of Calvary’s softball field near Eagle’s Landing Golf Course.  While details like the name and what all would be housed in the building have changed over the last sixteen months, the main goal has always been to remodel the space and move the dining hall to this new location.  We have hosted a few events there in the interim, but mostly we have been waiting for all of the pieces to come together in God’s perfect timing.  That time has arrived!

We are excited that students are now eating in the new dining hall! We also see great potential in utilizing the space for special events.  In choosing this year’s Phone-a-thon project, the President’s Cabinet decided it would be beneficial to outfit this building with a sound system, multimedia screen, and projector in anticipation of the events we will hold there in the future.  Through the generosity of alumni like you, we are hoping to raise $20,000 in response to this letter and phone calls in February.  As always, $1,000 will be for the Alumni Induction Luncheon for new graduates this spring.  The rest of the money will go toward this dining hall project.

Thank you for your support!