Ministry Placement Services

Calvary, in conjunction with the IFCA, has a free, online ministry referral service. It is a secure listing of people that come to us seeking a ministry position and all the churches/organizations seeking ministers. To access this send an e-mail to Calvary and attach the completed application. Once we receive your application (basically a profile of your church and who/what you’re looking for), it must go through an approval process. If approved, we will post it online (on a secure listing) and send you an ID and password (this process should not take more than a couple of days). You do not have to be an IFCA affiliated church to use this service.

If you are posting a position, your password will allow you to access the list of individuals who have contacted us looking for a place to minister.

If you posted a personal profile, your password will allow you to access the listing of positions.

Position Application (Churches with a position to fill)

Download (PDF, 309KB)

Personnel Application (Church staff looking for an available position)

Download (PDF, 383KB)