Fine Arts

fine arts

The Fine Arts program at Calvary University is made up of the Music and Theatre Arts Departments. Jointly and separately, these departments train students to use the abilities God has given them for his glory.

The Music Department has several programs designed to help students maximize his or her musical gifts and talents while developing the character and skill set necessary for effective ministry. Overall musicianship and competency is stressed, while concentrating on the program specific areas of leading, teaching, performing, and ministering.

The Theatre Arts program is designed to equip students in the academic, performance-related, technical, and spiritual foundations demonstrated through directing church theatrical programs, overseeing all aspects of a theatre ministry, directing theatre in high schools, and developing skilled and disciplined actors.

Each year Calvary’s Fine Arts Series provides excellent concerts and recitals designed to benefit both the Calvary family and the Kansas City community. The Fine Arts Series provides the opportunity to enjoy work from Calvary’s student and faculty musicians as well as guest artists. Recent guests have included Sam Rotman, Don Wyrtzen, the Gateway Ringers, and the Kansas City Brass. Recent dramatic productions have included The Crucible and Seussical.

Stay tuned for a list of upcoming events.