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Dr. Joaquim “Joa” Braga

Name: Dr. Joaquim Braga

Office: Email only

Rank/Title: Program Director for Seminary Biblical Counseling

Started at Calvary: 2011

Professional Information: B.S. (Biblical Counseling and Pastoral Studies), Calvary Bible College, 2001; M.Div. (Pastoral Studies), Calvary Theological Seminary, 2005; M.A. (Biblical Counseling), Dallas Theological Seminary, 2007; Ph.D. Family Therapy, Texas Woman’s University, 2017.

Favorite Class to Teach: If it’s a counseling class, I love it!

Favorite Aspect: I became a Christian through the ministry of Calvary graduates who were serving as missionaries in Maceio, my hometown in Brazil. I absolutely love helping prepare students for Christian service so they too can help minister to folks such as myself all over the world.

Originally From: Maceio, Brazil

How Did Past Ministry/Professional Experience Lead To Your Position at Calvary: After becoming a Christian in Brazil in 1994, I told the missionaries who led me to Christ that I wanted to learn more Bible and theology. I asked them if they knew of a good school where I could learn more about Jesus and prepare for ministry. 20+ years later, here I am!

Ministry/Professional Involvement Outside Calvary: I have a private counseling practice in Texas, and serve full-time as the Executive Director of Counseling for Brazil Ministries, a missions, non-profit organization that seeks to live out the Gospel by counseling and teaching individuals, couples, and families in the country of Brazil.