After four months of research and preparation, Dr. Cone, Calvary’s incoming president, presented his introductory agenda to Calvary’s Board, faculty, staff, students, and many others connected with Calvary. Cone’s agenda includes reassuring people of Calvary’s biblical commitment and reinvigorating the biblical component in the classroom as well as the overall academics. The plan looks toward adding a Ph.D in Bible and Theology in the near future.

Also, Cone plans to introduce the blended model (campus and online students studying together) to improve the overall quality and experience for students in both formats. There will also be some institutional reorganizing, and Dr. Cone has committed that in that process no Calvary employee will lose their job.

Cone proposes rebranding Calvary as Calvary University, in order to ensure that Calvary’s name best reflects its mission, and to provide the highest level of marketability for Calvary students. Along with the rebranding will come an extensive reaching-out process through an aggressive marketing plan to complement rebranding efforts.

Finally, perhaps the boldest point of Cone’s agenda is a plan to introduce an “Education Paid” program to help Calvary’s current Study and Work Program go even further in helping to ensure that Calvary students can graduate without accumulating debt.

Stay tuned for an exciting new chapter at Calvary, and read Dr. Cone’s Seven Points Letter below:

Download (PDF, 82KB)