Certificate in Nouthetic Studies

The Certificate in Nouthetic Studies is designed to meet the needs of pastors, teachers, group leaders and others seeking structured and systematic validation of their ability to apply God's Word in a counseling setting. Both time and cost effective, this program accommodates tight budgets and busy schedules.

Students will gain valuable insight into the preparation of counseling ministries and confidence in God's answers for concerns including anger, forgiveness, depression and grief, marriage/divorce, addictions and conflict resolution.

Completed in conjunction with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors, the American Academy of Biblical Counselors, and the International Association of Biblical Counselors, this one-year program combines the following elements:

  1. Classroom sessions - 2 eight-week modules meeting each Saturday morning
  2. Internship Practicums - addressing ministry development and administration
  3. Ministry Projects - theology and practical counseling exams by the AABC
  4. Supervised Counseling - 50 sessions of counseling supervised by an instructor

Program Costs:

  1. Registration fee = $25
  2. 8-week classroom modules = $200 (each)
  3. 8-week internship practicum = $200
  4. Service organization liability insurance = $25/annually

Download the Summer and Fall 2015 Course Information.

For more information contact Dr Hager