Reporting Gender Based Misconduct

Calvary Bible College and Theological Seminary is committed to stopping misconduct in all of its forms. Any CBC student who believes that he/she has been subjected to misconduct has the right to file a complaint through the procedures delineated in this section of the website.

Calvary Bible College and Theological Seminary encourages individuals to report incidents of misconduct, regardless of who the alleged offender may be. CBC will not pursue disciplinary action against a student who claims to be a victim of misconduct in connection with reporting that misconduct or against students named as witnesses.

Student complaints about a CBC student, faculty, or staff member can be made to any of Calvary's Title IX Coordinators.

Each of these CBC officials is available to discuss any concerns you may have and to provide information to your About Calvary Bible College and Theological Seminary's policy on misconduct and the complaint process.

After reporting an incident of misconduct, students may request alterations related to academic classes, housing, and/or dining services, Student Life activities, or other accommodations based on the circumstances.  Decisions regarding such requests will be made by the designated CBC official after consulation with appropriate Calvary Bible College and Theological Seminary faculty and/or staff while preserving confidentiality to the extent possible.