Christian Ministries

All Calvary students participate in practical Christian ministry.
It is a vital opportunity to live out what they are learning in the classroom. While we do offer accountability and structure, we encourage our students to prayerfully and wisely choose their ministries and to follow the LORDS’s leading in their Christian Ministries so that they can learn to walk in confidence and be able to discern that they are following His leading and His perfect will. We also pray that this will help each student develop a pattern of faithfully seeking the LORD for all that they do for the rest of their life and that it will become their own personal, God-directed training program that will help prepare them for a life of fruitful service for the LORD and that they will experience the joy and benefits of ministry.
The general rule for time commitment would be a minimum of two hours per week for at least twelve weeks, or a total of 24 hours per semester. Each student needs to complete eight semesters of Christian Ministry if earning a four-year degree. Four of the needed eight semesters of Christian Ministry experience is centered in each student’s major. If students do a ministry during the summer of at least thirty-six hours that can be counted for a Christian Ministry credit and go towards their requirements for graduation.
Also, when students transfer credits into Calvary they reduce the credits required in Christian Ministry by one credit for every fifteen credit hours they transfer in towards their degree.




Christian Ministry Handbook

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Church Attendance and Christian Ministry Verification Form

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Church Search Attendance Verification Form

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Ministry Approval form

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Supervisor’s Evaluations

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Supervisor Evaluation (online form)

Supervisor’s Evaluation for the Public School

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Supervisor Evaluation (Public School) (online form)

Supervisor’s Handbook

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NTS Handbook

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NTS Attendance and Ministry Verification Form (Paper Form)

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NTS Attendance and Ministry Verification Form (Online Form)

NTS Attendance and Ministry Verification (online form)