Calvary has been nationally ranked the 19th best Online Program for Christian Colleges by The ranking system examines a number of areas, and the system is explained as follows:


Calvary University nationally ranked“The methodology behind our rankings is grounded in statistical data and a few consistently applied guiding principles. For our 2016 lists, we compiled information collected from IPEDS and the College Navigator, both of which are hosted on the National Center for Education Statistics platform. Most of the data available is from the 2013-14 academic year; more recent information is always used when available.

Our ranking criteria changes slightly depending on whether we are listing associate, bachelor’s, or graduate programs, and for our state page rankings. In all cases, our rankings measure a school’s academic quality and affordability. For program rankings, we also consider the depth of each college’s online offerings.”



We are thankful for the recognition as a nationally ranked Bible college and university, and we are working hard to continue improving!

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