Calvary has earned a national ranking for affordability in its biblical counseling degree program. Counseling Degree Hub recently published a list of the top 25 most affordable Christian counseling bachelor degree programs in the United States. Calvary ranked #11 in the most affordable list. Calvary offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in biblical counseling, and is excited for this recognition. Calvary is also committed to keeping costs as low as possible, so that graduates have the ability to live and serve without accumulating a great amount of debt.

Calvary bachelor degree in biblical counselingCalvary believes and maintains that the revelation contained in the Scriptures concerning God, man, and man’s problems and their solution is the only adequate foundation on which to build a counseling model that is totally Christian. The College therefore teaches and practices a counseling approach and methodology which grows out of biblical principles regarding human growth and development, behavioral changes, and problem solving. Biblical counseling is understood to be and is practiced in a context of Christian ministry.


• The student is enabled to articulate a biblical philosophy of counseling.
• The student is challenged to demonstrate the Christian character qualities necessary for a biblical counseling ministry.
• The student is provided with a basic knowledge of the counseling process.
• The student is assisted in identifying people’s problems.
• The student is assisted in developing communication skills needed for counseling one-on-one and in small group situations.

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