Biblical Counseling

Undergraduate Level


Philosophy of Counseling

Calvary believes and maintains that the revelation contained in the Scriptures concerning God, man, and man’s problems and their solution is the only adequate foundation on which to build a counseling model that is totally Christian. The College therefore teaches and practices a counseling approach and methodology which grows out of biblical principles regarding human growth and development, behavioral changes, and problem solving. Biblical counseling is understood to be and is practiced in a context of Christian ministry.


  • To enable the student to articulate a biblical philosophy of counseling.
    • To challenge the student to demonstrate the Christian character qualities necessary for a biblical counseling ministry.
    • To provide the student with a basic knowledge of the counseling process.
    • To assist the student in identifying people’s problems.
    • To help the student develop communication skills needed for counseling one-on-one and in small group situations.


Pat Miller

Pat faculty

  • Office: East Education 127
  • Title: Biblical Counseling Faculty; Department Chair
  • Started at Calvary: July 1994
  • Professional Information: Diploma, Moody Bible Institute, 1969; B.A. Western Illinois University, 1993; M.S. (Biblical Counseling), Calvary Theological Seminary, 2000
  • Favorite aspect of teaching at Calvary: I love getting to know the students and interacting with them.  It is a delight to teach God’s Word, and my passion is for Biblical Counseling!
  • Favorite class to teach: There are 2 classes that are a fantastic privilege for me –
  • Introduction to Biblical Counseling – Teaching this course gives me the opportunity to meet each of the Biblical Counseling majors.  It is often their first exposure to biblical counseling and it’s exciting to see their commitment.
  • Spiritual Formation for Women – This unique class is for women who desire to see the potential God has for them and to consider how He can use them in today’s world.  It is a practical class that covers a variety of topics.
  • Professional Organization(s): Certified Member of American Academy of Biblical Counselors (AABC)
  • Originally from: Suburbs of Chicago
  • How did past ministry/professional experience lead to your position at Calvary: I can trace God’s hand all through my life and see how He has been preparing me for stewardship of the Biblical Counseling department.  Since my teens, I have had a strong commitment to God and His Word as the answer for life. (I just didn’t know at the time that was biblical counseling!) After Bible college and marriage, my husband and I spent over 20 years in the pastorate.  The next step of preparation was 14 years as the Associate Dean of Students at Calvary.  I love working with young adults – they challenge me and help keep me thinking young!
  • Ministry/Professional involvement outside of Calvary: Opportunities to support the local church in speaking at women’s groups, retreats, and banquets.
  • Published works:
  • Author –Quick Scripture Reference for Counseling Women. Baker Publishing 2002. Revised 2013.
  • Co-Author with Keith Miller –Quick Scripture Reference for Counseling Youth. Baker Publishing 2006. Revised 2013.
  • Co-Author with Keith Miller – Quick Scripture Reference for Counseling Couples. Baker Publishing 2016.
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Barb Bridges

  • Title: Adjunct Faculty
  • Professional Information: B.A., University of Kansas, 1975; M.S. (Biblical Counseling), Calvary Theological Seminary, 2000.

“This truth (John 17:17) produces change starting from the heart, not just addressing

behavior. I have seen and am convinced of the life heart change that occurs in the counseling

office when the counselee is given directive counseling from Scripture. I cannot counsel from

any other perspective (2 Peter 1:3 – God’s Word is truth), and I believe it is what the Holy

Spirit uses to draw people to Him resulting in salvation and sanctification.”

Cheryl Costabile

  • Title: Adjunct Faculty
  • Professional Information: B.S. (Biblical Counseling), Calvary Bible College, 2008; M.A. (Mental Health Counseling), MidAmerica Nazarene University, 2011; RPT, (Registered Play Therapist), MidAmerica Nazarene University, 2012

“Everything I do and say must be filtered/lined up with God’s Word. He guides me,

corrects me, teaches me, loves me, and convicts me of my sin. God’s Word is enough for me

as a person, as a counselor, as a mother, wife, professor, volunteer. It does not matter what job/title

I have, the Sufficiency of Scripture does not change, and should be my constant companion.”

Bill Gibbs

  • Title: Adjunct Faculty
  • Professional Information: B.A., University of Missouri, Kansas City, 1990; M.S. (Biblical Counseling), Calvary Theological Seminary, 1997 

“I teach a Biblical Perspective of Depression, a Biblical

Perspective of Addiction, Crisis Counseling, and Death,

Dying, and Grief. All of these courses find their definition

and resolution in the sufficiency of Scripture.”


Teddy Bitner

  • Title: Vice President and Academic Dean; Adjunct Biblical Counseling Professor
  • Professional Information: B.S. (Business Administration), University of Central Missouri, 1972; M.A. (Christian Ministry), Wheaton College, 1982; M.M.A.S. (Military History), U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, 1983; D.Min. (Pastoral Theology), Trinity Theological Seminary, 1982; Diploma (National Strategic Studies), U.S. Army War College, 1995


 Ken Tibberts

  • Title: Adjunct Biblical Counseling Professor
  • Professional Information: 

“In contrast to principles of secular psychology, the Bible teaches

that man is responsible before God for his own actions, and

must undergo transformation of his character and the

renewing of his mind to become more like Christ.”

Kim Bailey

  • Title: Adjunct Biblical Counseling Professor
  • Professional Information: B.A., University of Missouri-Columbia; M.S. Friends University. 2013

“I believe in the sufficiency of Scripture and that it is the final authority.”