Majors and Minors

Theatre Arts

The Theatre Arts major will equip students in the academic, performance-related, technical, and spiritual foundations of the following areas:

  • Directing or assisting in directing church theatrical programs.
  • Overseeing performance, technical, and administrative aspects of a theatre ministry.
  • Teaching and directing theatre in Christian and secular high schools.

It will also develop skilled and disciplined actors who respect their art and their craft.


  • That the student will embrace the core principle that theatre is service: to fellow actors; to the working text; to the audience; and first and foremost, to the Audience of One. 
  • That the student will demonstrate the foundational skills necessary to critically analyze a piece of dramatic literature for its quality and theme while comparing it with the knowledge of God’s word and His character.
  • That the student will be prepared to pursue positions in graduate theatre programs or careers in professional theatre.
  • That the student will be trained to work as an ensemble in an atmosphere that facilitates authentic, honest relationships with God and man.
  • That the student will understand his function as a believer-artist to impact the culture and reclaim the art form.
  • That the student will learn to engage the culture, not to hide from it, particularly in light of the fact that the entertainment industry impacts our culture more powerfully than any other influence in our society today.
  • That the student will be equipped to inhabit this mission field and minister to and through it with passion and integrity.
  • That the student will recognize the Story of God in the stories of history, myth, oral tradition, and literature, bringing it to life in new and creative ways , and sharing His story with an ever-thirsty world in increasingly compelling ways.

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