Majors and Minors

Computer Science (PDS)


The Professional Directed Studies major in Computer Science is an individually designed program for students interested in an area of study that is not offered as a major at the Calvary Bible College campus. In addition to the biblical and general education requirements, this program requires a minimum of thirty credit hours in a focused area that may be transferred from another accredited institution. The specific courses making up the thirty hours must be approved by the Academic Curriculum Committee. The process for having a program of study approved includes:

1) Request a Professional Directed Studies Program Approval Form from the Registrar’s Office.

2) Complete the form with the help of the academic advisor.

3) Submit the completed form to the Registrar. Attached to the form will be a list of the course descriptions from a college catalog of the transfer institution. These descriptions will detail the courses to be taken.

A list of pre-approved directed studies programs may be obtained from the Registrar’s Office.


  • That the student will integrate his biblical worldview with his professional major.
  • That the student will be able to attend Calvary and major in an academic program not offered at Calvary.

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Courses of study may be adjusted during a student's time at Calvary. Students should consult with their advisor and/or the Registrar before finalizing a schedule each semester.