Majors and Minors

Advanced Biblical Studies


The Biblical Education courses required of all Calvary students focus on personal Bible study. The Advanced Biblical Studies major goes further, preparing students to teach the Bible. The Elementary Education and Secondary Education majors emphasize philosophy and method, showing students how to teach Scripture. The Advanced Biblical Studies major emphasizes content, making sure that what is said is genuinely scriptural.


  • That the student build a solid foundation of Bible knowledge.
  • That the student accurately analyze, interpret, and apply biblical passages, using a consistent hermeneutic.
  • That the student communicate scriptural truths to others clearly, accurately, and effectively.
  • That the student demonstrate development in his Christian character through the consistent outworking of biblical truth in his lifestyle.

Biblical Languages Emphasis

A student majoring in Advanced Biblical Studies may elect to declare an emphasis in "Biblical Languages." This emphasis fulfills the requirement for a B.A. There are three additional requirements for this emphasis:

  1. The student must take sixteen hours of languages.
  2. Eight of the sixteen hours must be a sequence of either BL231 and BL232 or BL471 and BL472.
  3. The remaining hours are language electives. It is strongly suggested that the student focus on either Greek or Hebrew.

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Courses of study may be adjusted during a student's time at Calvary. Students should consult with their advisor and/or the Registrar before finalizing a schedule each semester.