Library History

Who was Hilda Kroeker?

The campus library is named after Miss Hilda Kroeker, the first degreed librarian of Calvary at its present location. Miss Kroeker served over 20 years of faithful and dedicated service. She did much for the library that makes it what it is today. On April 4, 2001, Calvary Bible College had "Hilda Kroeker Day" and honored her for her years of service to the Library and to Calvary Bible College and Theological Seminary. Miss Kroeker went to be with her Savior in January of 2009.

Growing Collection

The Hilda Kroeker Library serves both Calvary Bible College and Calvary Theological Seminary. Approximately 50 percent of the resource center is devoted to Bible and theology. The collection includes not only the works of classical and contemporary Bible scholars but also important primary source materials and technical biblical language tools. The Library has access to periodical databases, both secular and theological. The Library is a member of the Kansas City Public Library Consortium. The membership in the Consortium gives students access to over 2.5 million resources. Calvary also has membership in the Kansas City Metropolitan Library Information Network. These memberships provide access to the resources available in over 22 public and private libraries in the Kansas City area, including the on-line search services of the Kansas City Public Library Consortium. On-line catalog service to consortium members is provided through terminals in the Library, and courier service brings the resources to the Calvary campus twice a week..