Professional Directed Studies

The Professional Directed Studies Department enables academic learning in cooperation with other CHEA accredited institutions. Students can study at Calvary and integrate courses taken from another academic institution in order to major in an academic program not offered at Calvary. A list of the pre-approved programs may be obtained from an admissions counselor. 


Airframe & Power Plant Mechanics
Aviation Flight Training (minor)
Computer Science
Criminal Justice
English/Creative Writing
English Literature
Film and Media Arts
Information Technology, Associate
Journalism and Mass Communication
Military Science
Political Science (major/minor)

Teaching Faculty Calvary faculty and other CHEA-accredited institution's faculty
PDS Coordinator Tiffany Smith


  • That the student will integrate his biblical worldview with his professional major.
  • That the student will be able to attend Calvary and major in an academic program not offered at Calvary.

Special Requirements

  • The student must complete two qualifying semesters at Calvary before being admitted into the Professional Directed Studies Program. A student transferring more than 30 hours into a Professionally Directed Studies Program and meeting the academic requirements may have this prerequisite waived and be allowed into the PDS program his first semester.
  • The student must have the academic credentials for acceptance to both institutions (e.g. high school transcripts and ACT scores corresponding to the entry requirements of Calvary and the other institution).
  • Academic advising from both institutions is required and the student must submit contact information from the other institution to the Professional Directed Studies Director.
  • A cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher with no grade lower than 2.0 in all professional and content courses must be maintained.
  • The student must annually submit official transcripts to the Calvary Registrar’s Office.