The Music Department has several programs designed to train the student to maximize musical gifts and talents while developing the character and skill set necessary for effective ministry. Overall musicianship and competency is stressed, while concentrating on the program specific areas of leading, teaching, performing, and ministering.

The student who successfully completes the Music Education program will be ACSI certified, which qualifies him to teach in private/Christian schools, and will also be eligible to apply for Missouri State Teacher Certification which qualifies him to teach in public schools.

Programs Music Performance and Pedagogy (instrumental, piano, voice)
Music Education, K-12 (instrumental or vocal/choral)
Worship Arts (piano, voice, or guitar)
Worship Arts and Youth Ministry
Music (minor)
Worship Arts, One-Year Certificate
Teaching Faculty Dr. Tom Stolberg, Dr. Haekyung An, UnChong Christopher, Jeremy Schell,  and other adjunct faculty and guest instructors
Department Chair Dr. Tom Stolberg


  • That the student develops skills necessary for effective music ministry in the chosen area of program specialization.
  • That the student acquires competency in musicianship, leadership, conducting, and performance.
  • That the student develops a personal philosophy of music based on biblical principles that will become the basis of an effective music ministry.

Special Requirements

  • An audition is required prior to entry into all music programs.
  • All music majors and minors must participate in two semesters of MUMC, Calvary Masterworks Chorus.
  • All music majors are required to take MUGR, General Music Recital, every semester they take applied lessons.
  • A jury is required of all music majors each semester they take applied lessons for their primary instrument.  Music and Youth Ministry majors are exempt from this requirement.
  • All non-keyboard music majors must pass a piano proficiency test. Music and Youth Ministry majors are exempt from this requirement.

Special Requirements for the Music Education Program

These special requirements are in addition to the general Music Department Special Requirements

  • The Music Education Program is designed to be completed in five years. Entry into the Music Education Program requires successful completion of ED190, an Application for Admission to the Chair of the Education Department, and the recommendation of the Education Department Faculty Committee. The pre-service teach must also complete a background check according to the Education Department guidelines and pass a General Education Assessment.
  • Education majors completing the program before Spring 2017 must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher with no grade lower than 2.0 in all professional and content courses. Education majors completing the program in Spring 2017 or afterward must meet the following GPA requirements upon program completion: 2.75 cumulative, 3.00 in the content area, and 3.00 in professional education coursework.
  • The pre-service teacher must create and maintain a professional portfolio of work samples. 
  • To become a Missouri State Certified Teacher, the student must pass the appropriate Praxis II Exam, apply for certification through the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), and be recommended for certification by the State Certification Office for Calvary Bible College.
  • To assure that the Calvary Bible College Pre-Service Teacher Candidate will be qualified for recommendation to the Missouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education, music education majors must complete at least 30 hours of their Professional Education courses plus their Field Experiences and Student Teaching at Calvary.