General Studies

The General Studies Department provides a broad, theologically enlightened educational foundation for students entering specific professional programs. Students will be prepared for further educational training and/or immediate employment in their field of study. Through the rigors of our disciplines, we prepare our students to influence and transform the world for Jesus Christ through their lives and vocations.

Programs Personal Training (minor)
Teaching Faculty Dr. Teddy Bitner, Jeanette Regier, Cory Trowbridge, Dr. Mike Dodds, Dr. Keith MillerAaron Heath, Dr. Terri Stricker, and other adjunct faculty
Department Chair Hannah Bitner


  • That the student will demonstrate the knowledge and critical skills of his chosen field of study.
  • That the student will demonstrate the ability to identify, analyze, question, and evaluate content as a guide to understanding.
  • That the student will demonstrate the ability to obtain meaning from printed, electronic, and graphical resources.
  • That the student will understand how his chosen field of study can impact the world for Jesus Christ.
  • That the student will demonstrate communication skills which will help them share the truth of God.
  • That the student will obtain a foundation in Bible and Theology that will allow each one to meditate, teach, or do further study of scripture.