Biblical Counseling

Calvary believes and maintains that the revelation contained in the Scriptures concerning God, man, and man's problems and their solution is the only adequate foundation on which to build a counseling model that is totally Christian. The College therefore teaches and practices a counseling approach and methodology which grows out of biblical principles regarding human growth and development, behavioral changes, and problem solving. Biblical counseling is understood to be and is practiced in a context of Christian ministry.

About the Program

Not only will you receive a solid foundation from the required classes, but there is also a wide variety of electives offered. To learn more about kinds of classes you would take, click on the following links. 

2014-2016 Course of Study 

2016-2017 electives list



When students graduate from the Biblical Counseling program at Calvary, they are poised for certification in any of the three nationally recognized biblical counseling certifying organizations: ACBC (Association of Certified Biblical Counselors); AABC (American Academy of Bible Counselors); and IABC (International Association of Biblical Counselors).



• The student is enabled to articulate a biblical philosophy of counseling.
• The student is challenged to demonstrate the Christian character qualities necessary for a biblical  
   counseling ministry.
• The student is provided with a basic knowledge of the counseling process.
• The student is assisted in identifying people’s problems.
• The student is assisted in developing communication skills needed for counseling one-on-one and in
   small group situations.