Bible and Theology

The Bible and Theology Department provides instruction in the Word of God, the tools necessary for personal study of the Word of God, the biblical philosophy which provides a solid foundation for life, and the Scriptural motivation to put into practice the admonitions of the Word of God.


Advanced Biblical Studies (major/minor)
Biblical Studies, Associate
Bible Track, One-Year Certificate/LifeTrack, One-Year Certificate

Teaching Faculty

Dr. Keith Miller, Dr. Neil Nelson, Dr. Thomas Baurain, Dr. Mike Dodds. Joel Williamson, Norm Baker, and other adjunct faculty

Department Chair

Dr. Keith Miller 


  • That the student possesses basic biblical and theological facts as a foundation for meditation, teaching, and further study.
  • That the student accurately analyzes, interprets, and applies biblical passages for himself in a continuing commitment to personal Bible study.
  • That the student submits to Scripture as the ultimate authority for both his beliefs and his behavior.

"Bible" is the distinctive of a Bible College. Thus, all Calvary baccalaureate degrees include a major in Bible and Theology plus the selection of a professional major. Associate Degrees and the One-Year Certificate also have Bible and Theology requirements.