Non-Traditional Studies

Calvary's adult education Non-Traditional Studies program is geared toward the individual who is busy with work and other activities during the day, but would still like to complete their Bachelor's or Associate's degree.

Non-traditional programs are centered around 3-credit hour classes known as intensives. Intensives are classes that meet one evening per week for six weeks from 6-10 p.m. Students enrolled in EXCEL Baccalaureate or Bridge Associates degree programs may transfer previous course work from other schools. These programs allow students to earn an associates or bachelors degree by attending class as little as one evening per week. Calvary also offers a Gateway Certificate program for students interested in earning college credit by participating in a Bible Track or Life Track course of study.

To help the non-traditional student balance class, employment, family, and ministry commitments, Calvary offers flexible learning options. In addition to 6-week intensive classes, students may also enroll in 16-week external classes and 8-week online classes. The motivated student has the option of enrolling in traditional 16-week day classes.

Calvary also offers individual courses as personal enrichment. Click here to download an application for a personal enrichment course.

Department Chair

Available majors:

  • Excel Advanced Biblical Studies
  • Excel Biblical Counseling
  • Excel Business Administration Management
  • Excel Business Administration Marketing
  • Excel Children’s Ministry*
  • Excel Intercultural Studies
  • Excel Organizational Leadership
  • Excel Pastoral Ministry**
  • Excel Professional Directed Studies (PDS)
  • Excel Youth Ministry
  • Excel Worship Arts - Piano
  • Excel Worship Arts - Voice
  • Excel Worship Arts - Guitar
  • Excel Youth Ministry
  • Bridge Biblical Studies, Associate
  • Bridge Children's Ministry, Associate*
  • One-Year Certificate:
         Gateway Bible Track Concentration
         Gateway Life Track Concentration
         Gateway Worship Arts Concentration

Teaching Faculty

Mike Piburn, Dr. Teddy Bitner, Dr. Tom Bonine, Dr. Mike Dodds, Bill Gibbs, Rose H. Henness, Aaron Heath, Victor "Skip" Hessel, Bobbie Jeffrey, John Klaasen, Dr. David Martin, Anthony Mickelson, Dr. Keith Miller, Patricia Miller, Jeanette Regier, Ken Rogers, Bill Schlacks, Dr. Tom Stolberg, Cory Trowbridge, David Wile, Joel Williamson and other adjunct faculty.


The Non-Traditional Studies Department provides college courses in a non-traditional format to allow adult students to complete their degree. Intensive courses, External Studies, and Online courses are designed to allow the non-traditional student to work full time while earning a degree. 

Non-traditional students complete a General Education core within the context of biblical truth and a Christian worldview, a common core of courses, and a professional major core.


  • That the student will integrate his biblical worldview with his professional major.
  • That the student acquire the indispensable skills in his chosen field essential for a successful career in secular and Christian arenas.

Special Requirements

  • Entry into the Excel program requires students to be at least 21 years old unless prior approval is obtained from the Academic Curriculum Committee.
  • Intensive courses require students to be at least 21 years old unless prior approval is obtained from the Academic Curriculum Committee.
  • External Studies courses require students to be degree-seeking and have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher unless prior approval is obtained from the Academic Curriculum Committee.
  • Before students make take online classes, an Ability Assessment must be taken and the Assessment confirmation brought to the NTS Office.
  • Portfolio credit may be available for Excel Degrees.

* Children’s Ministry majors require one semester attendance at the Children’s Ministries Institute, Child Evangelism Fellowship, in Warrenton, MO.

** In keeping with Calvary’s doctrinal conviction that the New Testament teaches that only men be ordained to the ministry, only men are accepted into and may graduate from the Pastoral Ministry major (1 Timothy 2:8-3:7). Furthermore, it is also Calvary's doctrinal conviction that the New Testament teaches that men who are ordained to the ministry are to be "the husband of one wife" (1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9). Thus, only men who have been married once (widowers excepted) or who have never been married, are accepted into and may graduate from the Pastoral Ministry major. However, a man who is divorced may take Pastoral Ministry courses as elective hours in another major.

"Bible" is the distinctive of a Bible College. Thus, all Calvary baccalaureate degrees include a major in Bible and Theology plus the selection of a professional major. Associate Degrees (Bridge) and the One-Year Certificate (Gateway) also have Bible and Theology requirements.