When a student chooses to attend Calvary, he or she makes a decision not just to attend Bible college, but makes a decision to enter an environment characterized by rigorous academics and Christian ministry experience. Your son or daughter will start new, lasting friendships and fall in love with Calvary’s strong sense of community.

The links on this page can guide you to information you will find particularly helpful as a Calvary parent. Also, please consult the academic calendar for Orientation, breaks, and Commencement dates, as well as the schedule for residence hall openings and closings during the academic year.

Why Calvary
High school course requirements
    Calvary’s ACT code is 2312; the SAT code is 6331.

Ask an admissions counselor
Tuition and fees
Financial Aid/Scholarships
Planning a visit to Calvary
Student housing
Student life at Calvary

Packing for college
Toiletries – include first-aid items, vitamins, over-the-counter medications, prescription medications, bath towels and robe, hygiene items, shower caddy, shampoo/conditioner/soap, bathroom flip flops and toothbrush/paste.
Bedding – bed sheets (twin), blankets, comforter and pillow/pillowcase.
Clothing – belts, dress clothes, jackets/winter coat, gloves, jeans/pants, pajamas, purse, shirts, shoes/sandals, shorts, socks, sweaters, T-shirts, undergarments and workout clothes.

Weather in Missouri
Weather in Kansas City, Missouri, is about as unique as you are! There are sure to be hot days, as well as plenty of cold, frigid days. However, the plus side is that you’ll likely experience all of the distinct seasons at some point, and there will be plenty of in-between-days when a shirt and pants feel just right.

You’ll want to bring a lightweight jacket for the early morning and evenings during fall and spring. For the winter, bring a heavy coat, along with a hat, gloves and a scarf.

Time Difference
Kansas City, Missouri, is located in the Central Time Zone. Central Time is subject to Daylight Savings.