Missions Emphasis Week


Keynote Speaker: Dr. J. Ronald Blue, Coordinator of the Spanish D. Min. Program, Adjunct Professor in World Missions and Intercultural Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary

Theme: Three Big Questions

Key Verse: Romans 1:1-32; 15:1-13

The purpose of MEW is to expose our students to opportunities that exist for service in missions as well as provide opportunities for local churches to hear more about what is going on in the world of Missions. While most of the activities are set aside for students, the public is welcome to participate in Chapel daily from 11:00-11:50 a.m., as well as attend seminars on Tuesday, January 26. A seminar schedule will be available at the front desk the first day of the conference.

Special events which provide time for missionaries and students to connect are scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings. 

This year's conference will really emphasize practical ministry and even include two times for mission reps, faculty, staff, and students to reach out to our local community. 

If you are a missionary/missions representative who would like to join us, please register here.