Theatre Arts

It doesn’t take a degree to understand that the entertainment industry fuels our culture; its impact is felt around the globe. Our Theatre Arts faculty believes that it’s time to inhabit this mission field! We have an incredible, experienced faculty of believer artists from the Kansas City area who are ready to equip you in performance-related, technical, and administrative areas of theatre. It is also our goal to prepare you spiritually to meet the challenges you will face as you experience the satisfaction of being salt and light in a life involved with theatre arts.

Here at CBC, you’ll learn to be a team and build a team as you construct sets, take roles in our productions, direct other students, and create your own scripts. You’ll minister to high schools, inner city churches, and the homeless as a part of our drama team. And when you leave Calvary, our hope and prayer for you will be that you will take the dramatic heart of Christ with you to your church, your school, and your community. How? As a teacher of theatre at a high school, as a director of your church’s worship arts team, as an incredible storyteller in a children’s program, or even as an actor in professional theatre!

Chapel Theatre
CBC's Chapel Theatre troupe is probably Calvary's zaniest and quirkiest class. Energy exudes from every pore as students work together to collectively create scripts and rehearse scenes to augment the themes in chapel services while learning how to minister through theatre in their own church and future ministry settings.

Master Class
CBC Theatre Arts offers master classes in Musical Theatre, Acting, and Directing! In just one weekend, master class students work with master class teachers on auditioning skills in vocal, choreography, and acting disciplines to produce a show open to the public and composed of musical theatre and theatrical offerings. Past master class instructors have included Nathan Jeffrey, a director at Taproot Theatre in Seattle, and Ben Jeffrey, currently starring in Lion King as Pumbah the Warthog.

Logos Theatre Company
CBC Theatre Arts is very pleased to announce our newest addition, Logos Theatre Company for elementary and high school students of theatre and dance. Logos' faculty, headed by Rachel Maltby and composed of past and present CBC Theatre Arts students along with CBC choreographer Beckie Lucas, offers a feast of course offerings for believer artists!

Theatre Major and Minor
The Theatre Arts major will equip students in the academic, performance-related, technical, and spiritual foundations of dramatic production. It will also develop skilled and disciplined actors who respect their art and their craft. Click here to learn more.

Several daytime recitals are scheduled each semester to help students grow through performing in a smaller recital setting.