Chorale Tour 2015

Spring Break each year is one of the most anticipated events for the Calvary Chorale because it marks the start of their annual tour. The tour will start earlier than usual this year, going from Wednesday, March 18, through Friday, March 27, 2015. States the Chorale will travel to include Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, and Wyoming. The Chorale, consisting of approximately 32 students, will travel with Dr. & Mrs. Clark and their director, Jeremy Schell. While most college students are taking a break from studies or going on vacation, our Chorale students spend their time ministering to the hearts of people. This is a great time to share about life at Calvary and the host of opportunities CBC has to offer. 

The theme for this tour is “Music from the Psalms." Our students look forward each year to this time of singing and sharing Calvary Bible College with others.


Spring 2015 Schedule 

Date Day Ministry Location
March 18 Wednesday  Heartland Bible Church  Lincoln, NE 
March 19 Thursday  Broken Bow Berean  Broken Bow, NE 
March 20 Friday  Alliance Berean Church  Alliance, NE 
March 22 Sunday morning  Cheyenne Berean Church  Cheyenne, WY 
March 22 Sunday evening  Berean Church  Sterling, NE 
March 23 Monday Falcon Baptist Church  Colorado Springs, CO 
March 24 Tuesday  Englewood Bible Church  Englewood, CO 
March 25 Wednesday  Sandhills Community Church  Dunning, NE
March 26 Thursday  Lexington Berean  Lexington, NE
March 27 Friday  Berean Church 

Marysville, KS 

If your church or ministry would be interested in having Calvary Chorale come, please contact Jeremy Schell.