Institutional Scholarships

To receive institutional scholarships from Calvary, a student must be degree-seeking and enrolled in at least 12 credit hours in a traditional semester program; have determined financial need (FAFSA must be completed); after the first semester, satisfactory academic progress must be maintained; Calvary must have funds available for scholarships; and certain other academic or special qualifications may be necessary, depending on the scholarship.

To apply for institutional scholarships, you must download and submit a scholarship application to the Financial Aid Office.

The Student Aid Committee awards Calvary scholarships. The Committee may modify scholarship requirements to meet available funds and other special situations, and its deliberations and decisions are confidential.

Calvary receives an institutional copy of your FAFSA (called an ISIR) approximately two weeks after you've completed it. Calvary must receive your ISIR in order to be considered for institutional scholarships.