External Aid

Krista McCartney Scholarship

The Krista McCartney Scholarship is offered by the Calvary Foundation to Biblical Counseling students. Eligibility to apply requires one to be a Biblical Counseling major with at least twelve credit hours of Biblical Counseling Credits, be an academic Junior or Senior, maintain an overall GPA of 3.50 or higher and demonstrate commitment to biblical counsleing. For more information please contact the Biblical Counseling Department at Calvary Bible College or vist the Calvary Foundation's web page.

Ignite Advisory Group 2016 Diversity Scholarship (Deadline 9/15/2016 @ 5PM EST)

$1000 scholarship to current undergraduate or graduate student with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. An essay of no more than 500 words that details how your background or upbringing enabled you to slove a challenge or problem that others couldn't.

Folds of Honor Foundation

Folds of Honor Foundation awards scholarships for dependents of military members killed or injured as the result of active duty service to their country.  Standard eligibility requirements are listed on the website.

Scholarship America

Students create a profile, and based on that profile are given a list of scholarships that they may individually apply for.  Scholarship America also searches fastweb's database of scholarships.


Students create a profile, and based on that profile fastweb does a search of scholarships that the students may individually apply for.

Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation

Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation allows students to compete with others for various scholarships by taking quizzes.


This is a scholarship search app available for Apple and Android products.  You must purchase the app, download, and install on a compatible device.  You are then able to search for scholarships that you can apply for.  This app was created by a student dubbed the "million dollar scholar" who applied for 70 scholarships and was awarded 34 of them, totaling 1.3 million.  It was enough to pay for his bachelor's degree, master's degree, and doctorate degree plus living expenses. 

Students may also want to seek out scholarships and grant opportunities by checking with their local church, employers, civic associations, and other organizations that they, their parents, or other immediate family members may belong to.

Calvary Bible College & Theological Seminary has no relationship with, nor does it endorse or sponsor, any of the sites suggested above or the scholarships that they may offer.  These are provided as a convenience and service to assist you with  financing your college education.

Before creating a user profile, using any of the above resources, or applying for any of the grants or scholarships offered through the suggested sites above, you should carefully and completely read the terms of service for each site, the scholarship/grant terms, and be aware that many services such as these provide the service free of charge because they may share and/or sell your personal information.