Campus Life

An education at Calvary gives you the opportunity to continue working toward all that God has called you for. The Calvary experience will allow you to join, lead, create and collaborate in ways you never imagined possible!

Dorm life

Budgeting your way through college guideBuilding relationships is at the heart of the college experience and there is no better way to do so than living in a community of other believers in campus housing. As a Calvary student, you’ll bond with your dorm mates through weekly devotions, brother/sister floor activities, themed dress-up days, study groups, simply hanging out in each floor’s lounge area and kitchen area, and many other student traditions.


Don’t let the best time of your life get away from you. While academics should have top priority, you’ll want to make time to participate in the many activities available at Calvary:

  • Fine arts – This includes opportunities for theatre, Evidence, the college’s selective traveling drama/music group, and the college’s selective vocal music group, Calvary Chorale.
  • Fall Social is a special night of entertainment, whether it be something like a talent show or a bonfire. Planning for the event is organized by the members of the Sophomore Class student representatives.
  • Spring Banquet is organized by the Junior Class student representatives and is a time for students to enjoy a formal dinner, entertainment, and a special speaker.
  • Athletics – Men’s sports include soccer in the fall and basketball in the winter. Women’s sports include volleyball in the fall and basketball in the winter.
  • Student Senate – Want to be a part of key campus decisions? Student Senate represents student opinion in making policy and promotes cooperation between students and the college administration. Members of the Senate are elected by the student body.
  • Class Representatives – Help make decisions and plan events with selected class leaders.
  • Intramural activities for men and women are provided on the basis of student interest in racquetball, tennis, golf, badminton, bowling, basketball, volleyball, and table tennis.
  • Movies at “The KA-BAR Café” – Take a break from the daily grind with special movie showings throughout the year.


While enrolled at Calvary, students attend weekly chapel services. Most chapels are worship services, but there are also prayer times, music programs, and other programs of interest. Students hear speakers from numerous ministries and occupations.

Church and Christian Ministry

A vital part of the Calvary experience is weekly participation in the local church and in Christian ministries. Since ministry is the normal expression of a healthy Christian life, degree-seeking students are expected to minister while attending Calvary. The number and types of ministries required will vary with each degree program.