Calvary Bible College vs. Union


BELTON, MO - The Lady Warriors played an exciting game against Union College on Tuesday night, but fell just short in the Calvary Gym.  Union started the game strong and held a 5-7 point lead throughout the first half.  During the second half, because of improved defense intensity and execution, Calvary was able to take the lead in the later minutes of the game.  Calvary made some bad decisions toward the end of regulation that cost them, as Union was able to hit a three-point shot at the buzzer to send the game into overtime.  Union went on to win the contest 48-52.

Lydia Chambers was a higlight for the Warriors as she scored 21 points.  Allie Riegel added 17 points and did a good job running the offense.  "We did a good job of making a great effort to get the ball down inside to Lydia," said Coach Regier.

The Lady Warriors will face Barclay College this Friday evening at home and will look to come back strong after a tough loss.