Lydia Chambers

Name: Lydia Chambers
Age: 21
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Position: Forward
How many years have you played basketball: 6 years
Year in school and major: Junior – Vocal Performance/Pedagogy
Favorite Bible verse and a brief reason why: Acts 2:25-28 – because no matter what happens in my life, God is always right beside me. I can always have joy as He never leaves me.
Favorite Bible character and why: Paul – because he went through so much persecution, and yet still followed God and gave Him glory.
Favorite pastime: Singing; watching movies with friends.
Goals for this upcoming season in basketball: Be a good leader by example! Always have a good attitude and not get down on myself.
Some bucket list items: To go to Australia; go horseback riding with Rebecca Lewis!!
Your role-model or someone who has impacted your life: My parents!!