Ashley Spicer

Name: Ashley Spicer
Age: 20
Hometown: Manila, Philippines
Position: Guard
How many years have you played basketball: 9 years
Year in school and major: Sophomore – Elementary Education
Favorite Bible verse and a brief reason why: 2 Chronicles 16:9 – Because it reminds me that God is faithful and that I have a responsibility to be faithful and fully committed to Him in every aspect of my life.
Favorite Bible character and why: David – Because, though he was imperfect, he still fully trusted in God’s faithfulness even when circumstances were bleak.
Favorite pastime: Spontaneous outings with friends and family!
Goals for this upcoming season in basketball: To improve my leadership skills on and off the court and develop more of a shooter’s mindset.
Some bucket list items: Pick apples in an orchard while wearing overalls! Play in the rain somewhere in Europe; go to a Broadway show with some of my close friends.
Your role-model or someone who has impacted your life: My Dad!!