EXCEL Baccalaureate

Why do we call it EXCEL? It affords students who are unable to attend day classes an opportunity to excel and complete a Bachelor's degree program.

Degree Requirements

Research Paper

Students are to submit a research paper at the beginning of class the night it is due. Late papers will automatically receive a full letter grade reduction the first night. For each additional week that the paper is not turned in the student will receive another letter grade reduction. Research papers handed in more than four weeks late will result in a failing grade for the course.

Portfolio Assessment

Portfolio Notebook: Students assemble a Portfolio Notebook summarizing their formal academic education and professional work and/or life experiences. The student will receive detailed instructions for compiling his portfolio notebook from the Non-Traditional Studies Department.

Each student is required to write a Prior Learning Assessment as part of the requirements for the portfolio. If additional portfolio assessment credit is needed, this and/or other Prior Learning Assessments may be submitted to the Non-Traditional Studies Office to petition for portfolio assessment credit anytime before graduation.

Portfolio Credit: Up to 22 of the 128 total semester hours required for the degree may be earned from writing Prior Learning Assessments and providing documentation of professional school attendance or training not already transcripted. The number of portfolio assessment credits needed, not to exceed the maximum of 22 semester hours, varies with each student and is listed on the student’s program planner along with his other completed degree requirements.

Credit hours earned through portfolio assessment are recorded as transfer credits on the student’s transcript. The Non-Traditional Studies Director will advise the student in completing this phase of the program.