Calvary's desire is to cultivate the personal, spiritual, and academic growth of men and women in preparing them for Christian service. Each applicant to Calvary is asked to confirm by personal action and written testimony, that he trusts the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Savior, that he is living a life of commendable Christian character, and that he has a desire to serve God.

Those who have been recently saved may be requested to be mentored by a godly pastor for a year before official acceptance. This would involve participation in and/or attendance at regular church services and functions.

Doctrinal Understanding

Students who enroll at Calvary possess a foundational understanding of the Holy Scriptures as well as Calvary's Statement of Faith and Convictions. This is accomplished by satisfactory completion of 29 credit hours of Bible and Theology.


All applicants must have a diploma from a recognized high school or equivalent (e.g., home school transcript, GED-General Education Development certificate, etc.).

Grade Point Average (GPA)

Calvary's minimum grade point average requirement for high school and college is a 2.0.


Each applicant to Calvary is required to take the American College Testing Program (ACT) test or the College Board Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). These scores provide an estimate of the student's ability to succeed academically in college and are factors considered by the Admissions Committee. An exception to this policy may be granted to those students who have successfully completed 12 semester hours of College.

Required Minimum Scores

ACT: 17
SAT: 830

Information concerning ACT and/or SAT test dates and locations is available from most high schools or by checking the information below:



The Calvary Bible College ACT school code is 2312; the SAT code is 6331.