College Non-Degree

This application is only for those who are not seeking a degree or certificate from Calvary but desire to take courses for credit. Non-degree students are not eligible for Federal Financial Aid.

  1. Fill out this application completely.
    1. Read the application carefully; errors and omissions delay action on your application.
    2. Contact the Admissions Office if you have questions.
    3. Required explanations, either:
      1. Use the back of the application, or
      2. Attach additional sheet(s) as needed
  2. Not a US citizen?
    1. If you have Lawful Permanent Resident status, attach a copy of your green card.
    2. Nonresident Aliens: I-20s are not issued, but you may, if accepted, take courses as a non-degree student.
  3. Read the College Profile and Student Life sections of the College Catalog and initial the statement on the application
    1. Not all of the information in the Student Life section applies to a non-degree student.
      1. For example: Chapel attendance, Christian Ministries, and portions of the “Conduct” information, under the “Standards” section
  4. Complete the "My Life with Christ" worksheet.
  5. Submit a photo of yourself so we can begin to put your face with your name (optional).

You will be notified by mail when your application is received. Once all admissions documents are received, your application will be considered for acceptance by the Admissions Committee. Under normal circumstances, you will be notified of the decision within two weeks after your file is complete.