College Degree (Undergrad)

Fill out this application completely.

  • Read the application carefully; errors and omissions delay action on your application.
  • Contact the Admissions Office if you have questions.
  • Required explanations should be written in the space provided. If necessary, additional sheets may be attached.
  1. Read the College Profile and Student Life sections of the College Catalog and initial the statement on page 2.
  2. Complete the "My Life with Christ" worksheet.
  3. Request official transcripts from all schools you have attended (includes home school/G.E.D.)
    • Transcripts are not official unless mailed directly from the issuing institution.
    • High school transcripts are not required if you have 24 or more college credits.
    • Current high school students must send a transcript now and after graduation.
    • College transcripts are required whether or not you intend to transfer credits.
    • To request a G.E.D., go to
  4. Request ACT or SAT scores.
    • Not required for students who have completed 12 or more college credits.
    • Scores must either be mailed directly to Calvary from ACT/SAT, or included on your official high school transcript.
    • For ACT scores, go to (Calvary’s code: 2312)
    • For SAT scores, go to (Calvary’s code: 6331)
  5. Submit a Pastoral reference form and a Personal reference form.
    • Carefully follow the instructions on each form.
    • The person you choose to complete a reference must hold the proper position and be one who has known you for the required time.
    • Each individual should be provided with an addressed envelope and postage. A Calvary postage paid envelope may be used for this purpose.
  6. Submit a photo of yourself so we can begin to put your face with your name (optional).

You will be notified by mail when your application is received. Once all admissions documents are received, your application will be considered for acceptance by the Admissions Committee. Under normal circumstances, you will be notified of the decision within two weeks after your file is complete.