J.D. Huxman

"I knew that God was leading me to attend a Bible college, and both my associate pastor and church's retired senior pastor had attended Calvary. I came here to check it out, sat in on a theology class, and immediately knew that I wanted to attend.
Calvary offers a tremendous opportunity to grow in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. It also offers a chance to make lasting friendships with committed Christian fellow students." 

College attended, year graduated: Calvary Bible College (2007) and Calvary Theological Seminary (2010)

Originally from: near Newton, Kansas

Favorite thing(s) about Calvary: The quality professors and awesome students.

Favorite food: fried chicken

Your wish for incoming students: Come ready to learn, grow, and make friends. Calvary is an opportunity that shouldn’t be wasted; so if you lack self-discipline, leave the Xbox at home.

Personal information: I preach every other week at Peoples Church in Kansas City. When time allows I play really lame, old computer games

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